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    Heshan City Yiyuan Electrical Industry Co.,Ltd
    Heshan City Wanshun Electrical Manufacture Co.,Ltd
    Founded in 1985

    Established in 1985 in Guangdong, China, Yiyuan Electrical Industry Co.,Ltd is a Private Enterprice, has attained the B.S.I. Certificate and ISO 9001:2015? We specialises in the production of Wall Switch Sockets, Extension Sockets, Adaptors, Plugs & Lamp Holders for markets in Europe, South East Asia, Africa, Australia and Mid-east.

    Yiyuan Electrical provides in-house, one-stop solutions from product design to moulding and finishing. With its years of experience, quality service and sophisticated products, Yiyuan Electrical is able to maintain long-term & solid business relationships with customers.?

    Yiyuan Electrical provides in-house,one-stop solutions,quality services and quality products
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